Quality Theater…for LESS.

In the Seattle area, there a quite a few theaters as well as the symphony & opera that are producing quality works. Each offers some type of discount to make their productions accessible to a wider audience.  Below are some of the major theaters and the discounts they offer:

ACT Theater: Offers a  PAY WHAT YOU CAN performance for all their main stage performances as well as some other discounts for various individuals based on age, etc.


Seattle Rep Theater: Offers a PAY WHAT YOU CAN performance for most of their shows usually on a Tuesday night during preview week as well as other discounts.


Seattle Shakespeare Company: In addition to PAY WHAT YOU CAN performances for each show, they offer a $10 price most nights for “Groundling members” (not sure what it this entails but it is worth checking out if you are a Shakespeare buff).


Book-It Rep Theater: This group stages productions of literature. They too have a PAY WHAT YOU CAN during the preview section of each show.  Scroll down and click on  “PWYW” in tan heading bar for details.


Seattle Symphony: On each of their productions, there is a selection of cheaper tickets that are UNDER $20.  Just click “tickets”, scroll down and select “single tickets”. Find the performance you want and click “buy tickets”. Click “select your own” and then select “Orchestra”. Usually in front row there are a few low-cost tickets due to “partial view”. If not there, keep looking in balcony for similar prices and BRING YOUR BINOCULARS and enjoy!

Seattle Opera: Every performance has $25 tickets in the balcony (bring those binoculars again) OR if you don’t mind standing, there are  tickets for $10 in the back of the orchestra seating area . Seems like tickets for both of these options go quickly so if you are interested, definitely try to get tickets in advance!



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