Learn and Listen…The Blues.

The Nights at the Neptune series is offering their final FREE event of the summer this Friday, August 29th at 8 p.m.at the Neptune Theater in the University District. It is an opportunity to experience the blues on a variety of levels including listening and learning. This will be done in two acts…

Act I: “The Musical Gateway” is a fast paced, multi-media, theatrical journey from past to present illustrating an American social order that compels us to join the ranks. The music of the past eras represents the essential thread that moves society beyond the status quo.

Act II: “The Future of American Music” is a concert set showcasing some of the most talented up and coming members of Seattle Teen Music and past recipients of the prestigious Washington Blues Society “Passing the Torch” scholarship. The show helps raise awareness and community support for The Washington Blues Society’s efforts to provide high quality music education via their “Passing the Torch” scholarship and the non-profit efforts of MusicBox Project. It will certainly be an evening to highlight the diversity and talent of the Seattle’s next generation of young musicians. Audiences will enjoy an educational but mostly celebratory program that honours yesterday and celebrates tomorrow with the future of music and especially the blues in the Pacific Northwest.


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