Mini Golf…minus The Windmill.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and low key round of golf without feeling like you are in a Dutch Wonderland, you are in luck. At the south end of Green Lake park is the home of Greenlake Golf Course, a 9 hole Pitch and Putt.

The price is JUST RIGHT at $8 for unlimited course time ($6 for juniors/seniors).   If you don’t have your own clubs and balls, have no fear! You can rent a club for a measly 50 cents and golf balls are $1 each!

No reservations needed so…dust off  those clubs that are probably lying in a corner of the basement somewhere and enjoy an afternoon! Or you can roll over on your bike with a picnic in tow (they have a picnic table and bike rack).

Located at 5701 E. Greenlake Way N. 

The course is open most days at 9 a.m. (call 206 632 2280 for closing times). 


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