Cinema…A La Fresco.

If you have not experienced watching a classic movie outside under the night sky with your fellow city dwellers, you have definitely not truly had a Seattle summer experience! Relaxing under a blanket after enjoying a picnic in the cool evening can not be beat!

And as projectors and outdoor sound systems have become more accessible, the amount of options to have this experience in the city have EXPLODED! If it seems overwhelming to find a movie or a spot to watch, you can visit these websites that has them listed BY LOCATION or BY DATE.


In addition to all the classics, you can check out something a little different, this Friday, July 25th. As part of Deco Night at Seattle Asian Art Museum. “A short selection of Deco-era music from Japan and the U.S. is followed by the silent film The Lady and the Beard. The Aono Jikken Ensemble performs their original score to accompany the film, with live benshi narration (English and Japanese).” The movie, The Lady and the Beard, is a comedy where a “traditional kendo practitioner becomes interesting to a cosmopolitan young woman once he shaves off his beard”. Movie starts at 8:30 and is FREE and open to the public.


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