The Perks of Being a Bookworm

If you thought the public library system was awesome with free access to books, movies, music, and magazines, your world is about to get rocked even more! The library offers some little known options that are also FREE (all you need is a library card):

#1 Streaming Video & Audio & Books

The service is called Hoopla and “partners with your local public library to bring you thousands of movies, television, music, and audiobook titles for free.” They have everything from Hollywood blockbusters to little known foreign films as well as educational materials and children’s titles. There is no cost to set up, no late fees, and you can stream the content almost immediately to your electronic device.

#2 Museum Admission

This service called Museum Pass allows admission to an amazing range of Seattle museums for all types of museum goers. Whether you like art, history, music, or aquatic life, there is definitely a museum for you! With this program, you reserve a pass for a certain date at a certain venue with very minimal limitations: one pass per week & one pass every 30 days for the same museum.

Generally, the pass will get two people into the museum but it varies by institution.  Click the link below to view the list of museums and what their specifics guidelines are:


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