Winter Walks

After all the holiday festivities, there can be a need to get out and about. Although the weather is sometimes a deterrent to getting outside, there are some nice areas around the city and nearby that are great places to stretch your legs even in rain!


Discovery Parks has so many options. If it is nice outside, the beach area provides a way to explore for those who like a little sand in their shoes or prefer to stay on a concrete path. If the Seattle drizzle is lingering, there is trails that go through the woods and provide a more strenuous work out that will keep you warm on a cold day!


Regardless of the weather, the sculptures in this park make a walk a little more interesting. There is also an indoor area with bathrooms and possible art displays that allow you to take in the view and warm up.


This wooded walk in the Ravenna neighborhood is sometimes a forgotten gem of a walk or bike ride. It curves through a ravine and looks magical and mysterious regardless of the weather.


If you live on the north end, this park provides similar opportunities to explore the outdoors as Discovery Park…just on a smaller scale.


A tried and true option to stretch your legs, people and bird watch, or just enjoy a conversation with a friend.

If you want to venture outside the city limits, definitely check on Washington Trails Association website for some possible winter hikes. The below link has some recommendations. You can also ALWAYS click the link to the right on this blog “Awesome Hike Finder” for more options of hikes.


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