Sailing through the Season

Each year, Argosy cruises leads the boating community on a lighted parade on the waters of Seattle bringing holiday cheer to various ports around the city. Seeing all types of boats (one year there was a tug boat all decked out in lights) is part of what makes this MUST for all Seattle residents. The sailing schedule begins on Friday, Nov. 29th and ends with a parade finale on Dec. 23rd. There a various ways to enjoy this unique Seattle celebration of the season:

From the water

Although the most expensive option, sometimes offers discounts if you are looking to be have a full night that includes a meal and enjoying the festivities while sailing on either their Christmas Ship or Parade boat (reservations required).

From the shore

If you are looking for a cheaper way to experience these events, you can either go to one of the performances held at local parks or just watch from a restaurant nearby. For the events that end at Gas Works park (Nov. 29 & Dec. 23), you can wander out onto the patio deck at Ivar’s Salmon House to view the passing parade while enjoying their all night happy hour in the bar. The music of the carolers  on the Argosy boats can be heard from the shore and the lights of the rest of the parade boats can be seen up close  since all the boats have to come  together to go under the University Bridge!

Check out the schedule to see which night and location works best for you.


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