Books or Plays Interpreted? You Decide.

Tonight (Monday, Nov. 18th),  there are TWO options that give you a FREE opportunity to see some of this cities unique and talented artists showcase their skills:

Option #1: BOOKS

Bushwick Book Club performs original music inspired by The Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher by Timothy Egan featuring Bushwick’s very own folk rock band, READ AND DESTROY.

7 p.m. at Seattle Central Library, 1000 4th Ave

Option #2: PLAYS

New Century Theater Company’s PIPELINE presents a table reading of The Diviners by Jim Leonard, Jr. This marvelously theatrical play, first produced in 1980, is the story of a disturbed young man (whose brain damage was the result of a drowning accident that killed his mother), and his friendship with a disenchanted preacher in southern Indiana in the early 1930’s.

7:30 pm. at Solo Bar, 200 Roy St (drink specials available)


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