Sip in Style

Feeling the need to find a cozy, warm place to grab a cocktail and enjoy ambiance that sparks good conversation? Like most Seattle residents, you may not think to visit one of the charming historic hotel bars that offer just that…until now. Below are a few of these gems:

Tin Lizzie Lounge (Marqueen Hotel)

600 Queen Anne Ave N

Situated throughout the small space are little nooks with armchairs and living room style seating that allow for some good winter conversation.

The Bookstore Bar (Alexis Hotel)

1007 1st Ave

Grab a book or magazine from one of the many bookcases to take your conversation in a whole other direction. Fun fact, the books are all for sale for $5 (browsing is free!)

The Polar Bar (Artic Hotel)

700 3rd Ave

If you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the hotel that has the decor of The Shining and bartenders who look like they stepped right off The Loveboat, definitely check out this place. There is also a pool table if that tickles your fancy.

The Fireside Room (Sorrento Hotel)

900 Madison Ave.

If you feel the need to retire to the set of Downton Abbey and listen to FREE live music (select nights), settle into a wingback chair by the fire and enjoy!


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