Slide WHAT?

Slideluck Potshow is a SLIDESHOW and a POTLUCK. It brings together diverse groups of people, artwork, food, ideas and perspectives under one roof. From this diversity something unique and magical is born. Each event is localized in that artists from a community present work to that community. The work of established artists is shown alongside that of emerging and non-professional artists.

This event is now held in cities throughout the world but it all began in a backyard right here in Seattle in the summer of 2000 by editorial and commercial photographer Casey Kelbaugh.  He hosted the first Slideluck Potshow in his tiny Seattle backyard with about fifty friends.  Surrounded by talented artists, Kelbaugh realized that Slideluck brought artists out of their studios and darkrooms into a common space and allowed for creative expression, exciting collaborations and cross-pollination.  Fueled by this, Kelbaugh and many others worked to produce twenty Slidelucks in galleries, lofts, backyards and studios all over Seattle over the next three years.

When Kelbaugh relocated to New York City in the fall of 2003 he brought Slideluck with him.  In early 2004 Kelbaugh packed 150 people into his East Village apartment for the first New York City Slideluck Potshow.  By 2006, Slidelucks drew upwards of 1000 people! Requests for Slidelucks in other cities poured in from around the world as word of mouth spread about the events.

Axis Pioneer Square (308 1st Ave, Seattle)

Saturday, Nov. 9th
Doors at 6 p.m, potluck begins at 7, slideshow at 9 (after party to follow)
Tickets are $10** w/ shared potluck dish*
*All guests before 8:30pm must bring food to share – group preparations are okay!

**Admission includes complimentary beer, wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic choices.



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