Only Silent Shutters Please…

Fremont Abbey Arts Center has a series of shows which they have titled “CATHEDRALS: Indie bands adapting their music to epic old buildings”. This already sounds intriguing as the concerts are held in the giant St. Marks Cathedral on Capitol Hill which can be seen from almost anywhere in Lake Union BUT when you read the notes on the Brown Paper Ticket website, you really get a glimpse of how unique the experience will be:

CAMERAS with shutters (completely silent only). Open seating on pews, floor, benches (bring cushions/low lawn chairs/etc.), some standing room in back.

In the cavernous space of the cathedral’s sanctuary, events at St. Marks feel like a giant communal living room where you can lie on the floor or sit in a pew or even your own lawn chair while sipping hot tea and wrapped up in a blanket while listening the live music twirl and spin into the dome ceiling towering high above.

Sound magical? If so, definitely get a ticket to see Sera Cahoone and friends perform in this awesome musical experience. Tickets are only $12-13. These events tend to sell out so get it soon!

Saturday, Dec. 7th at 8 p.m.

St Mark’s Cathedral on Capitol Hill

1245 Tenth Ave East, Seattle.


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