Rinse. Reuse. Repeat.

The Storefronts Seattle program allows art related organization to utilize vacant storefronts for temporary art galleries, dance studios, etc. Interstitial Theatre is one of the newest organizations to participate! Their focus is on video art…think the coolest music video you have ever seen (with or without using a controlled substance).

Their storefront is located in a 10,000+ square foot exhibition space in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood and will occupy this space from Oct – Dec (3 months), bringing new and innovative multi-media programing to the greater Seattle area.

Kicking off tomorrow during Belltown Art Walk, they will have a video art show dealing with the the tension that builds through the repetitive actions we take in an effort to achieve happiness. Featuring new work by local video artists Ellen Dicola, Erin Elyse Burns, Michael Lorefice, Joana Stillwell, Saskia Delores, and Dakota Gearhart. Also featured national artists Sarah Bliss, Weston Lyon.

Belltown Collective (corner of 1st and Bell)

Opening Night, Belltown Art walk

Oct. 11, 6-9 p.m.



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